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Samhain Blessings

Blessed Samhain, everyone! Happy Halloween!


Find Proof

“Asking the correct question is half the problem. Once the question is formulated there remains to be found only proof….” ~ Sir Isaac Newton

Cast a Healing Circle on Sunday

The 10 Indian Commandments

Sacraments: Matrimony

In Catholicism, there are seven sacraments. One of these sacraments is matrimony. We also know about their celibate clergy. The clergy are supposed to be closest to God and are expected to go to heaven for being holy men and women. If this is true, then the clergy should be following all of the sacraments. This makes me wonder: How can we say that the clergy are essentially guaranteed to go to heaven, when (in the Catholic faith) they are celibate and one of the sacraments is matrimony? They can’t ever participate. Please feel free to comment.

Protestant Reformation

Again, I’m sorry for not posting often. I’m working on trying to post more often.

Be prepared for the next few weeks. I’ve been studying the Protestant Reformation lately, so there will be some posts coming soon that will be related to it. I’m hoping to post tomorrow, if not, then there will be a post on October 9.

Blessed be!