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Evolution of Light Being


Where are the female apostles?

“Christian tradition has long held that Jesus was not married and the Catholic Church, by far the largest in Christendom, says women cannot become priests because Christ chose only men as his apostles.” ~ Naomi O’Leary. ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ papyrus is a fake fragment, Vatican says. (28 Sept. 2012) MSN.

I find the Catholic Church’s reasoning behind having only male priests is ridiculous. I’m fully aware that doctrine and interpretations of the New Testament only name male apostles, but I still see room for doubt when it comes to only male apostles. How do we really know if Jesus only had male apostles? Isn’t it possible that there were female apostles?

I have to say that the women mentioned frequently in the biblical stories (Mary Magdalene, the other Mary, etc.) were around often and long enough that they could be considered apostles. If there was ever a written record of female apostles, it didn’t fit the social rules of women. It’s very probable that if there were any female apostles, they were stricken from written record because the men couldn’t be nearly as domineering.

Even if only male apostles was a 100% fact, that doesn’t mean women can’t teach or lead churches. Women teach their children. There is no reason to believe that women can’t teach the doctrine of a religion or their own spiritual beliefs.

I have never found citing only men being named apostles as a reason for why a woman couldn’t be a priest(ess), minister, pastor, or some other church leader. Find a new reason that is valid. We don’t live in a world where one sex is better than the other. Men and women are equal, especially in God’s eyes.

Mabon 2012

Happy First Day of Autumn! Happy Mabon!

Love Thy Neighbor

Recognize I AM

“I am a drop of water in the Ocean of Life. I am an Idea made manifest. I am a circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere.

“I emerge from Omnipresence and into It I shall merge. What the Eternal is that I am. I am limitless and perfect. I am everyone and everything and they are Me. I am the One Reality; nothin exists but Me. Light is my mode of express; Darkness my contemplation. Justice is seated at my Right Hand, Mercy at my Left Hand. Lose your self so that I may become your Self and lift you to the Eternal Gardens of Delight where a Banquet is set in your honour forever. Still your sense based life then you will recognize I AM.” ~ Victor Igwegbe

Proselytizing: Keeping Answers Clear & Simple

New Era is a Mormon magazine for teenagers. They posted a link on September 3 for questions and answers. It’s titled “Answering Difficult Questions about the Church.” This, of course, is preparing teenagers for when they will go on their missions to spread the Good News and the Book of Mormon. People are guaranteed to ask questions about what the missionaries are trying to get us to believe. No. 3 on the list is: Keep answers clear and simple. It goes on to say:

Most people do not expect or want long, complicated answers. Stick to the point and make sure to use plain language and avoid words or phrases that are not understood or mean something different outside of the Church. Keep your answers focused on gospel doctrine rather than speculation or rumor.

I guess I’m not most people. I’m Christian. When other denominations try to proselytize to me, I want the nitty-gritty details. I want to know the beliefs before I join. When I ask a question, not only do I want the truth, I want the details of the beliefs so that I can truly examine the differences and similarities between their beliefs and mine. People are always surprised what the members believe, when they join a group.

If they can’t answer me, I will likely not be interested in joining or learning more. I may decide to examine their scripture or their traditions. If I have a question, I want the answer. It’s fine if you don’t know the answer, but if you do know the answer, tell it to me. Simplifying the answer may make you generalize or leave out some parts that may pique my interest. If you want me to seriously consider joining your faith, I want the full answer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant. I’m also sorry for not posting for a while, but I’m back!

Hearts of Children

No Posts Lately

I’m sorry for not posting lately. It’s been busy the last couple of weeks. I’ll try to keep posting regularly on here. There will be a new post tomorrow.