Conscious Psychic Vampire

Vampires are in the media a lot. It’s mostly because of movies and books like Twilight, True Blood, and Interview With The Vampire. Whether there are actual bloodsuckers out there is still to be determined by people and the media. There are vampires though. They don’t usually drink blood, but they are dangerous. They steal your energy. You know they are there when you feel drained of energy after talking to them or even just being near them. There are two types of psychic vampires: those who are unconscious of it and those who are conscious of it. Those who are unconscious of it are dangerous, but they don’t really know that they’re draining people of energy.

The latter is worse. I consider them to have an evil quality about them, because they know they are doing it. Often when they know, they don’t try to stop. When you meet a psychic vampire who is conscious of being one, it’s bad. I met one today. It was stupid on his part to tell me that he was one, but I’m glad he did. It made me wary and I had to protect myself with some prayers and grounding.

Beware of psychic vampires! If you come across one, either avoid them or protect yourself. Your priority should be to protect yourself before leaving the house, because then you are prepared if you can’t avoid them. To cut their etheric cords, pray this prayer to Archangel Michael or whoever you feel comfortable praying too (this is from Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.):

Archangel Michael, please,

come to me now

and cut the cords of fear

that are draining my energy and vitality.

Thank you.

To protect yourself, surround yourself with white light for angelic protection. It may help you to come up with a prayer for this. You may even pray the Lord’s Prayer, or some other prayer that makes you feel safe afterward.

Have a good day/evening!


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