Morning Sunlight

There’s something about the morning sunlight. It isn’t harsh and oppressive. It isn’t even hot outside yet. It’s out at the perfect time of the day. Being in it makes me believe what the scientists say, that we need to be awake in the mornings. Even if some of us are night owls, early birds are getting the benefits of the sun. While I enjoy this beautiful morning sunlight, I’ll leave you with two poems I found about the sun.

Rising Sun

By: Aftab Alam Khursheed

See the Sun
‘Tis bakers’ bun
A crimson red
With the silky thread
To climb the fate
For the crispy bread
‘Tis natures pun
For everyone
Just see the sun
A rising sun

Clear dirty gun
It reduces ton
Birds sing and peep
A new life to keep
A melodious song
To get out of sleep
Come on, one by one
Say, it is done
Just see the sun
A rising sun

Early rise and run
Do pray and turn
See the greeting dew
Torn fate it sew
To make a fresh
A branded new
Never shun for fun
There’s loser none
Just see the sun
A rising sun

I Need The Sun

By: Monciana Edmondson

I need the sun
I need fun
No sun no fun
Did you use a gun
To kidnap the sun
My mood is in the slum
I move through the day like a bum
Slowly the grey skies boldly
Hold hostage the very source of my energy
Grey skies sapping me like kryptonite
Getting out of a bed is a fight
Cloudy days, my blight
The sun is needed to ignite
The process that fosters the explosion of spring life
Each day with no sun cuts me like a knife
But no death comes, each day with no sun just pain and strife.


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