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Blue Moon

Tonight is the blue moon. The scientists tell us that we shouldn’t have another one until 2015. For those who don’t know, the blue moon isn’t actually blue (it’s rare to actually the moon looking blue, so it’s not likely to actually be blue). The blue moon is when we have two full moons in one month. This is a very good time to practice magick, meditate, or any other spiritual thing. Enjoy the blue moon everyone!


Conscious Psychic Vampire

Vampires are in the media a lot. It’s mostly because of movies and books like Twilight, True Blood, and Interview With The Vampire. Whether there are actual bloodsuckers out there is still to be determined by people and the media. There are vampires though. They don’t usually drink blood, but they are dangerous. They steal your energy. You know they are there when you feel drained of energy after talking to them or even just being near them. There are two types of psychic vampires: those who are unconscious of it and those who are conscious of it. Those who are unconscious of it are dangerous, but they don’t really know that they’re draining people of energy.

The latter is worse. I consider them to have an evil quality about them, because they know they are doing it. Often when they know, they don’t try to stop. When you meet a psychic vampire who is conscious of being one, it’s bad. I met one today. It was stupid on his part to tell me that he was one, but I’m glad he did. It made me wary and I had to protect myself with some prayers and grounding.

Beware of psychic vampires! If you come across one, either avoid them or protect yourself. Your priority should be to protect yourself before leaving the house, because then you are prepared if you can’t avoid them. To cut their etheric cords, pray this prayer to Archangel Michael or whoever you feel comfortable praying too (this is from Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.):

Archangel Michael, please,

come to me now

and cut the cords of fear

that are draining my energy and vitality.

Thank you.

To protect yourself, surround yourself with white light for angelic protection. It may help you to come up with a prayer for this. You may even pray the Lord’s Prayer, or some other prayer that makes you feel safe afterward.

Have a good day/evening!

Morning Sunlight

There’s something about the morning sunlight. It isn’t harsh and oppressive. It isn’t even hot outside yet. It’s out at the perfect time of the day. Being in it makes me believe what the scientists say, that we need to be awake in the mornings. Even if some of us are night owls, early birds are getting the benefits of the sun. While I enjoy this beautiful morning sunlight, I’ll leave you with two poems I found about the sun.

Rising Sun

By: Aftab Alam Khursheed

See the Sun
‘Tis bakers’ bun
A crimson red
With the silky thread
To climb the fate
For the crispy bread
‘Tis natures pun
For everyone
Just see the sun
A rising sun

Clear dirty gun
It reduces ton
Birds sing and peep
A new life to keep
A melodious song
To get out of sleep
Come on, one by one
Say, it is done
Just see the sun
A rising sun

Early rise and run
Do pray and turn
See the greeting dew
Torn fate it sew
To make a fresh
A branded new
Never shun for fun
There’s loser none
Just see the sun
A rising sun

I Need The Sun

By: Monciana Edmondson

I need the sun
I need fun
No sun no fun
Did you use a gun
To kidnap the sun
My mood is in the slum
I move through the day like a bum
Slowly the grey skies boldly
Hold hostage the very source of my energy
Grey skies sapping me like kryptonite
Getting out of a bed is a fight
Cloudy days, my blight
The sun is needed to ignite
The process that fosters the explosion of spring life
Each day with no sun cuts me like a knife
But no death comes, each day with no sun just pain and strife.

Christian Fiction: Jesus’ Perspective

There are different religious fictions, however Christian fiction is the most common in the U.S. It can vary from an inspirational story in modern times to something involving mythical creatures. From there it can also explore the end of the world and the prophets and their relatives.

Anne Rice has done something different. She wrote Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt which is about young Jesus. Yes, it is literally from the perspective of Jesus when he was younger. I find it to be a good book. What do you think of someone trying to write from the perspective of Jesus, if your Christian? Could you imagine what it would have been like for Jesus growing up?

I think it took some bravery and imagination to be able to write a great story from his perspective. I couldn’t fathom what was going through Jesus’ head while he was growing up. Anne Rice’s book enters new territory and bring Jesus to life. It makes him more human and real, in my opinion. She did a great job writing this.

You Belong to the Land

When the colonists and eventually Americans started settling on more and more American soil, they got into fights and battles with Native Americans. There was tribal land, but the point was that you can’t really own the land. Land does not belong to us, we belong to it.

Our blood returns to the sea, when we die. Man was made from dust and clay. When we die, our bodies turn back into dust, dirt, and clay. This wouldn’t happen if we owned land. Mother Earth claims our bodies, we don’t claim her.

The Power To Do It

Lack of Posts

I apologize for not posting much lately. Life got kind of busy. There will be another post up with 24 hours.

Wisdom of Yoda

God Has No Religion

“God has no religion.” ~ Gandhi

Are you a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime?

This is very true. Friends are either there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Life Lessons

I just got back from attending a farewell party for a good friend of mine who will be working in Africa for at least one year. We met at work over fifteen years ago and have been friends ever since. We’ve been there for eachother through good times, and not so good times — divorce, marriage, raising kids, moves, illness, and job changes. Even though she will be living far away, I know we will keep in contact. I consider her a lifetime friend. Thinking of her leaving reminded me of all the moving around I did as a military brat. I was always leaving friends or getting left because they moved. It was never easy, and it didn’t get easier as time went by. There were always tears, followed by sadness, and sometimes just a deep feeling of lonliness. You keep in contact for awhile and then one day…

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