Crown Chakra

Crown ChakraThe Crown Chakra (a.k.a. Sahasrara), the seventh chakra, is located on the top of your head, or the crown. It has to do with understanding. The senses associated with this chakra are oneness and unity. The related parts of the body are the pineal gland, the brain, and the nervous system.

This can be symbolized with a lotus, or a thousand-petaled flower (sometimes infinity petals). Its musical note is B. Its elements are thought and cosmic universality. The planets are Uranus and the Universe. The deities connected are: Ama-Kala, Ennoia, Inanna, Nuit, and Shiva. There are no animals connected to this chakra. The associated gemstones are: amethyst, diamond, and rock crystal. Gold is its metal. Aromas associated are: lotus and olibanum. Incenses associated are: lotus and rose.

Violet and white are the color of this chakra. Violet is the most sensitive and wisest of colors. It is the intuitive color in the aura. It represents the intuitive, the visionary, the futuristic, the idealistic, the artistic, and the magical. White represents the new, in the aura. It also represents the spiritual, the etheric, the transcendent, and the higher dimensions. Purity, truth, and angelic qualities are also represented.

The Crown Chakra is all about oneness and unity. It is also about knowledge, wisdom, harmony, and understanding. It controls a person’s values, morals, and ethics. It’s the gateway to your higher self and your connection to heavenly beings (God, angels of love and light, ect.). It can also help us reach nirvana. This also has to do with our spirituality. It’s connected to the spirit world.

Under-Active Chakra

  • Lack of spiritual exploration.
  • Have no concern for another person’s feelings.
  • Feel and/or act as if they have no purpose in life.
  • Depressed, unhappy, or confused.
  • Have trouble learning new things.

Over-Active Chakra

  • Feel superior to other human being.
  • May have migraines or headaches.
  • Feel frustrated, destructive, or disorganized.
  • Feel insubstantial, or impractical, and unable to bring yourself down to earth.

Open Chakra

  • Open to new thoughts and things.
  • Have a better connection to your own divine center of being.
  • More joyful and attracted to spiritual things.
  • Find wonder in all that you do.
  • Have understanding, wisdom, trust, selflessness, humanitarianism, and the ability to see the bigger picture in life.

You want this chakra to be open. An affirmation you should know is: “We are, we know.” Another is: “I am connected to my higher self.”

There are some spiritual lessons with this chakra. One is spirituality. The other is living in the now or present.


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