“Mermaids: The Body Found” on Animal Planet

Last week (May 27, 2012), Animal Planet premiered Mermaids: The Body Found. It was about there being mermaids and the U.S. government doing everything in its power to keep all of this information in the dark. Let’s entertain the possibility that this is all true.

Aquatic Ape Theory

This is a theory about a period of time in human evolution, which was mentioned in the program. The theory says that our ancestors spent some time adapting to life in a wet environment.

Specific claims:

  • Bipedalism. Offers numerous advantages in water, including permittance of water wading; improved balance; improved blood circulation; reduced strain on the back, hips, and knees.
  • Hairlessness. Relatively hairless skin of humans is due to comparable adaptations in aquatic mammals and land-dwelling mammals that have aquatic ancestors as well as those that currently spend much of their time in wet conditions. What body hair humans do have follows the flow of water over the body.
  • Descended larynx. The human larynx is situated in the nasal cavity rather than the nasal cavity. This feature is shared by some aquatic animals who use it to close off the trachea while driving and facilitates taking large breaths of air upon surfacing. Humans also have a consiberable amount of control over their breathing, which is an involuntary reflex for most terrestrial animals.
  • Encephalization. Encephalization of the human brain was a response to increased consumption of fatty acids found in fish.

There were other things listed in the video that suggest our ancestors had an aquatic period.

  • Humans have a webbing in between the fingers that primates do not have. It is shared by other creatures that spend a large amount of their time in the water.
  • Humans can hold their breath under water longer than any other land animal (the longest recorded is 20 minutes!).

The video builds off of this theory to explain mermaids. When we were in this aquatic period, we adapted to some things in the water. At one point, there was a major change in the water. We (the humans) ran for the land. The group that ran into the water became mermaids. The mermaids evolved to have a dolphin or seal-like tail, webbed fingers, and place for sonar reception.

Some variations include the type of water our ancestors were in: fresh, brackish, or salty. Another variation is whether we fed on littoral resources.

The Head & Body

They had found a body in South Africa. It was inside of the stomach of a great white shark. It had a stingray barb in its mouth. Other species of shark eat stingrays, but great whites don’t. Later, they found a spear shaft that the stingray barb fit into. This gives a sign for tool usage, which is a sign of an intelligent (in terms of science and religion) being.

The body was humanoid. They pieced it together. It looked like a mermaid.

Webbed FingersThe skull was odd. It had the ridge that human ancestors and primates have (humans don’t have this) on top of its head. It also had larger eye sockets to allow for larger eyes, which is necessary for low-levels of light. The front of the head allowed for a device that received sonar messages very well. It had larger temporal lobes (the area of the brain controlling sound), so this goes with the sonar.

There were other parts of the body that were peculiar. The hand looked like a human hand, except it had much more webbing. Its hip bone looked almost identical to a human’s hip bones. Hip bones/pelvises are used to help determine species and relations of species in evolution. They also sent in DNA evidence. The South African government sent back the results. The DNA so closely resembled human DNA that the South African government believes the DNA was contaminated.

Video Evidence

Everyone knows that there are photoshopped pictures and videos of “mermaids” on the Internet. The program had the video of one that this boy had taken of a beached mermaid. It was taken in Washington, when there were a lot of beached whales (in 2004). It was not long after a sonar test done by the U.S. Navy. This video was never seen or downloaded before this show.

Mermaids: Strange Body Found on Beach

Some news websites were describing the mermaid as “pissed.” If they had actually paid attention to the circumstances of that day, they would have realized how incorrect their statement was. The mermaid was clearly distressed. Sonar collection shows distress with the sonar recordings of whales and dolphins. There was also a mysterious noise on the recordings; the scientists on this video believe the sounds were made by mermaids. The mermaid was distressed and crying for help–not that it was using any English. It may have also been screaming in some fear, because it probably hasn’t been near any other humans.

The Navy came in in hazardous material suits and cleaned everything up. They took the mermaid and kept it alive for a few years, according to a guy who claims he had been part of this in the Navy. They also interrogated the boy about this; he renounced his statement about seeing a mermaid, that is might have been a seal. In reality, that probably saved his life, because the government wouldn’t want people to know about mermaids (for some reason) and they will make sure people are quiet.


Almost every culture has some kind of myths about mermaids. If most cultures believe in something, there is usually a basis for this. It may even be a sign that it is real.

In one place in Brazil, the fishermen and dolphins work together. The dolphins bring in the fish. The fishermen throw out there nets, but the dolphins aren’t scared. They know the fishermen will let them out. After the fish are collected, the fishermen share their catch with the dolphins. The scientists in the program hypothesize that the dolphins were taught by mermaids to do this.

One place in Asia, fishermen have mastered seeing clearly underwater, even in murky conditions. They can voluntarily control the dilation of their pupils. They can dilate them so that they can clearly see in the water when it is relatively dark, almost as if it were daylight. Everywhere else in the world, dilation of pupils is involuntary.


Throughout history, especially modern times, we have had conspiracies. One of the most famous is when aliens visited Roswell, New Mexico. If you ask some people (including people from the area), it did happen. If you ask others, they will tell you it didn’t happen.

What if the government is doing the same with the mermaids? The video above tells you to visit their website: Feel free to click on this link, but you will probably find that Homeland Security has taken down this website. This is what you will probably see:

Homeland Security seized the domain for the website:

Why would they need to block this website? What could possibly be so dangerous about believing in mermaids? Why is this website under investigation?


Most of the evidence I have presented points to there being mermaids. You may or may not agree. There are tons of skeptics. You will probably find other places online that disagree and others that agree with this. What do you think?

In my opinion, it is possible. Personally, I believe they are out there. They don’t want to be found, so we shouldn’t try to find them. However, we shouldn’t be trying to kill them and hide them from the public eye, either.


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  1. You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  2. im in louisiana i just watched the documentary on discovery…i do believe they exist..otherwise why would the goverment try to hide everything..why else would they have made those kids keep it a secret?

    • fairydancer221

      It wasn’t only making the kids keep it a secret, it was trying to convince the parents and the kids that what they saw wasn’t real.

  3. Hello There. I found your blog the use of msn. This is an extremely smartly written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

  4. “Mermaids The Mystic Circle” was a great read and I really was in fact quite satisfied to discover the blog.
    Thanks for the post,Kurtis

  5. Interesting blog! I saw this re-enacted documentary and was also angered and saddened by the loss of so many beautiful ocean mammals from the Navy’s sonar testing. During the Normandy Invasion,June 1944 during War World II, when the English Channel was blocked by submarines, thousands of alien USO’s were seen exiting the oceans in this grainy film, later submitted for very late night TV viewing ,YEARS after the sailor had retired,and his superiors were long gone. Such is the FEAR the Government has about revealing that UFO’s,USO’s and other lifeforms do exist.Thanks for your well-written article!

  6. The THEORY itself sounds OVER plausable. But if theres ACTUAL evidence, then there is ABSOLUTELY no point in trying to hide that from the entire world. We could and SHOULD find ways to work together to accomplish what TODAYS scientists, oceanographers and researchers have been trying to do- FIGURE OUT WHATS REALLY DOWN THERE! If we could do that than we could VERY get an idea of how to fix what we’ve done to the planet so this DOESN’T happen again.

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