One Goal, Various Paths

“I fully agree that all religions lead to one truth, the Absolute truth. There is One truth. There is only one Goal, but there are various paths. Each religion is right in its own way.” ~ Sri Chinmoy

Everyone has their own beliefs. We learn and develop them from our parents, our friends, our teachers, and how they set with our soul. Our beliefs change and are developed so that we will learn and know the truths.

We all start in different places. Some start out in a poor home, some start out in a wealthy home, some are slaves, some come from a cruel home, and so much more. We follow our own paths throughout our lives. At times, they may intersect or merge with another path. At other times, it is a lonely trail that you tread alone. Ultimately, it’s your own path.

Every twist and turn is a challenge to overcome. Some of the challenges are relatively easy, while others are very difficult. Those challenges help bring you closer to that one common goal.

What is that one common goal? That one common goal is Truth. We all strive to know the Truth. Truth is a combination of knowledge, wisdom, morality, love, and so much more.

The religions of the world try to get to the Truth. Everyone in each religion needs to learn something from it so that they may get closer to their goal. No one religion holds all of the Truth, which is part of the reason we have so many different religions. Another part is to help each person at some level of their spiritual journey. One person may need Christianity, another Judaism, another atheism, and another Hinduism. The list goes on. We need these religions so that we may learn what we need to learn.

All of these are different paths. We learn from them. They all lead us to the one goal our souls strive for.


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